Leaking Balcony Repair Services in Sydney

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Why is my balcony leaking?

Porous, cracked or loose tiles are the most common causes of a leaking balcony. Building movement which leads to cracking in joints can damage the underlying waterproof membrane, allowing water to penetrate the balcony surface.

The problem is not limited to only older homes, with sub-standard waterproofing or poor quality construction also being common causes for leaking balconies in newer buildings.

Leaking balconies result in unsightly white stains leaching through tiles and dripping down edges and can cause extensive damage not just to the outside of your home but also to the inside if water is able to seep through openings which are adjacent to the balcony such as sliding doors, window frames and flashings.

How do you fix a leaking balcony?

The team at SmartSealed are experts in balcony waterproofing and can seal and repair your leaking balcony in as little as a day – without removing any tiles.

  • Our SmartSealed technicians will come to your home to assess the extent of your balcony leak.
  • A patented sealant is applied over the tiles and grout joints to prevent further seepage of both water and dirt.
  • A perimeter seal is also applied and chemical tile clean is carried out to remove built up grime and fungal growth and restore the surface of your tiles.