Waterproofing Services in Sydney

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Our comprehensive service offering provides a range of treatments and approaches for the prevention and repair of leaks both in and around the home.

Whether the problem area is your bathroom or balcony, SmartSealed can assist right through from leak detection to resolution.

Shower Leak Repairs & Sealing

An easy and straight forward way to leak proof your shower without the need for full re-membraning. A professional technician will apply our shower sealant to your shower in a process that only takes 24 hours.

Repair of Leaking Balconies

Porous, cracked or loose tiles are the most common causes of a leaking balcony. SmartSealed can waterproof and seal your leaking balcony in as little as a day, without removing any tiles.

Detecting Water Leaks

If you want to be certain your leaks won’t return, you need to deal with them at the source. We have professional equipment that can not only help to detect leaks but also determine where there might be concealed water behind tiles.

Shower Screen Treatment

Our easy-to-apply shower screen treatment can help increase the longevity of your shower screen as well as making it look better. Our special shower screen sealant helps to decrease its porosity leaving it easier to clean and resistant to mould.

Membraning, Waterproofing & Sealing

We can provide sealing services for your kitchen and bathroom. Water leaks in any of these areas can prove costly if left untreated. Damp and mould can build and items in the vicinity can be damaged. Leaks should be repaired quickly as the problem often worsens over time. For thorough, all over waterproofing and sealing in your bathroom or kitchen, we can undertake a re-membraning service. Re-membraning involves removing tiles and replacing the polyurethane membrane beneath them. Tiles are then replaced in a process which takes a few days but ensures a long lasting, high quality result.

Tiling & Grouting Service

Professionally applied tiling and grouting can significantly reduce your chances of experiencing leaks in your bathroom or kitchen. Our professional grouting and tiling service can help you ensure your kitchen and bathroom areas are properly sealed and watertight.