Bathroom Leaks and How to Fix Them

Shower leaks are a common problem but they are not the only cause of water damage in bathrooms. Water leaks can come from leaking shower bases, spas and vanities and they can cause extensive long term damage if left untreated. It can be difficult to determine the exact cause of a water leak in your bathroom without professional water detection equipment.

What causes bathroom leaks?

Bathroom leaks can be caused by a number of different factors including loose connections in pipes, broken or cracked pipes, poorly fitted drain connections, movement of walls and floors, and cracks in tiles. If not properly addressed bathroom leaks can lead to mould problems and structural damage or even attract the attention of local termites – damp areas are a favoured environment.

How can bathroom leaks be fixed?

There are a few different solutions to leaky bathrooms, and which is the most suitable can depend on the location and severity of the leak. Sealing is often the most convenient and cost effective treatment and can be highly effective if done professionally. We specialise in a number of different bathroom areas including shower and bathtub sealing, fixing leaking shower floors, sealing marble showers and vanities. We can also undertake spa sealing, grout replacement, wall and floor tiling and treating shower screens. Whatever is leaking in your bathroom chances are we can fix it and we pride ourselves on our friendly, professional service and high quality results.

Don’t assume that you need to spent vast amounts of time and money on renovations if you have a leaky bathroom. Call us and see if we can help find an easier and more cost effective solution to your bathroom leaks.

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