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4 Easy Renovation Tips for your Bathroom and Shower

The condition of your bathroom says a lot about your home, particularly when you are planning to rent or sell. The bathroom is often one of the most important rooms for attracting potential buyers or tenants so you want to make sure it’s looking its best. Mould, water stains and cracked or broken tiles don’t give the best impression. Whether …

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Professional shower sealing the simple way

Leaky showers are very common and can cause a wide range of problems for your bathroom and home. Shower sealing is a quick and effective way to leak proof your shower with much less cost and hassle than full bathroom remembraning. Using a professional rather than attempting to fix the leak yourself may ensure a much better results and less …

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Fixing shower leaks in investment properties

If you’re a property manager or an experienced landlord you may be all too aware of the amount of damage a leaking shower can cause to a property. As well as making a mess, a leaking shower can lead to mould problems and even structural damage if the problem goes unchecked for some time. It’s important that you find the …

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How to prevent leaking showers in strata buildings

Leaking showers can be a significant problem in any building but in strata buildings the consequences of a leaking shower in one unit can be that water spreads to other units in the building. Finding a low cost and effective solution to leaking showers is essential for any strata manager or investment property owner. What are the problems caused by …

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Why is my shower leaking?

There are a number of different causes of leaky showers and determining the root of the problem can help you fix it effectively and prevent it happening again in the future. Leaking showers are very common and if left untreated can lead to extensive long term water damage. If your shower is leaking it could be due to one or …

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