Bathroom Makeover Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Renovating your bathroom can be expensive and stressful. Fortunately you can brighten up your bathroom and improve its appearance without having to spend a fortune or disrupt your entire household. Here are a few bathroom makeover ideas to help you revamp your bathroom and keep it maintained and looking its best in the future.


Clearing out unnecessary clutter can help give your bathroom more modern look and from a practical point of view, makes it easier to keep it clean. Less clutter can also help make your bathroom look bigger and brighter. For a quick declutter, take everything you use on a regular basis and store it in a cabinet or cupboard rather than leaving it lying around on the side of the sink or shower. Other items that aren’t used regularly can be taken out of the bathroom and stored elsewhere.

Change your lighting

Adding extra light fittings or increasing the wattage on your existing light bulbs can help brighten things up in your bathroom. Placing a lamp in the area can also help create a flattering light which will alleviate a dark and dingy bathroom, however, ensure it’s positioned at a safe distance from any water sources and that the cord doesn’t present a hazard.

Swap your shower curtain for a glass screen

This is a simple and effective way to modernise your bathroom. Shower curtains can make the bathroom look smaller and darker. Replace a curtain with a glass shower screen brightens up the space, but the advantages don’t stop there. Glass screens are more hygienic than shower curtains which are often breeding grounds for mould and mildew. Glass shower screens also have the added bonus of being easy to clean and a professional shower screen treatment can help them last longer.

Clean and reseal cracked or broken tiles

Resealing is an inexpensive alternative to replacing bathroom tiles in old bathrooms. Resealing your tiles, when done professionally, can help reduce mould growth and keep them looking better for longer. By reducing the chance of your shower developing leaks you can also help avoid water damage and other problems.

Professional tile cleaning can freshen up your grouting and help protect your tiles. Tile cleaning is great for getting rid of stubborn or persistent mould.

Enjoy the benefits of a bathroom makeover without having to renovate. Whether you are getting ready to sell, rent, or just want to enjoy a brighter bathroom, with a few simple tricks you can have a cleaner bathroom for very little cost and hassle.

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