Leaking Balcony?

Balcony leaks can be easy to ignore until it is too late. A particular problem during winter, balcony leaks can often go unnoticed, especially in wet weather. Failing to address a leaky balcony can lead to other, more serious problems so it is a good idea to check your balcony for leaks and if you notice anything amiss have the problem dealt with as quickly as possible.

Untreated balcony leaks can lead to tile and substrate damage as well as damage to the surfaces or items underneath your balcony. They can also cause an increased risk of flooding in your home and make your balcony look unsightly which can decrease its sale or rental appeal. As damp conditions can also attract termites, a leaking balcony (or a leak in any other area of your home) should be attended to promptly.

To ensure the problem is thoroughly dealt with it is a good idea to use a professional sealing service rather than attempt to tackle the leak yourself.

Smartsealed can provide a cost effective and convenient solution to the problem of leaky balconies without the need to remove tiles or undertake extensive work. Our balcony sealing service includes a chemical tile and full perimeter service along with the application of our sealing product to your balcony grout joints. In addition to balcony sealing we can assist you with paver sealer and deck repairs.

If you want to learn more about our balcony sealing service or to arrange a visit from one of our consultants, speak to us today.

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