Fixing shower leaks in investment properties

If you’re a property manager or an experienced landlord you may be all too aware of the amount of damage a leaking shower can cause to a property. As well as making a mess, a leaking shower can lead to mould problems and even structural damage if the problem goes unchecked for some time. It’s important that you find the best solution for your landlords or tenants.

Extensive waterproofing is often not the most convenient or cost effective option for dealing with a leaky shower as it may involve disruption to tenants and loss of rental income for owners. Shower sealing can provide the perfect solution for taking care of leaky showers in investment properties. With a quick and straight forward application which is done in one to two hours, tenants will be able to use their showers again after 24 hours.

With our shower sealing service there is no requirement for tile removal or noisy machinery and our shower sealing product comes with a 25 year warranty which means you shouldn’t have to deal with recurring problems and can be confident that the shower will be leak free on a long term basis.

We can take care of leaks in other areas of properties too – including balconies, kitchens, and leaks affecting floor and wall tiling. Call us today for more information or to arrange a visit from one of our consultants.

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