Professional shower sealing the simple way

Leaky showers are very common and can cause a wide range of problems for your bathroom and home. Shower sealing is a quick and effective way to leak proof your shower with much less cost and hassle than full bathroom remembraning. Using a professional rather than attempting to fix the leak yourself may ensure a much better results and less likelihood of the problem returning after it has been fixed.

If you want to reduce the chance of more shower leaks once your problem has been solved you need a product that is guaranteed to last. With our high quality shower sealant comes you won’t have to worry about the shower leaking for a very long time!

Rather than taking up bathroom tiles and undertaking major renovations, our shower sealing service is quick and simple. First a technician will visit your home to assess the leak and check whether there is any water hidden behind tiles. Once this has been completed they will remove any existing sealants along with the grout, regrout your shower and apply the shower sealant. Your shower will be ready for use again after 24 hours.

Our shower sealant has a number of other benefits in addition to being watertight. It is flexible and designed to penetrate to a depth of up to 9mm giving your shower a thorough all over protection. It also provides inhibits mould growth and chemical residues so your shower can stay looking great for longer. To learn more about our professional service give us a call today.

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